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Compression ratio and stretch of vulcanized rubber o-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-29
The selection of the compression rate W of the vulcanized rubber o-ring should take into account the application standard, packing seal or dynamic seal; packing seal can be divided into axial sealing and radial sealing; axial sealing (or cylindrical packing seal) The leakage gap is the axial gap, and the leakage gap of the radial sealing (or plan view packing seal) is the radial gap. The radial tightness depends on whether the working pressure material acts on the nominal diameter or diameter of the O-ring, and it is divided into two conditions: gas pressure and pressure. The different ways of packing and sealing, the effect of the sealing material on the O-ring is different, so the pre-working pressure arrangement is also different. For dynamic sealing, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is the sealing performance of repeated movement or the sealing performance of rotating fitness movement. 1. Packing sealing: The cylindrical packing sealing equipment is the same as the repeated motion sealing equipment, usually W=10%~15%; the plan view packing sealing equipment is W=15%~30%. 2. In terms of dynamic sealing, it can be divided into several conditions; repeated movement usually takes W=10% to 15%. The Joule thermoelectric effect must be taken into account when selecting the compression ratio for the tightness of the rotating fitness exercise. Usually, the nominal diameter of the O-ring used for the rotating fitness exercise is 3%-5% larger than the shaft diameter, and the compression rate of the diameter is W=3% -8%. Low-friction fitness sports o-rings, in order to reduce friction, usually choose a small compression rate, that is, W=5%-8%. In addition, the elastic material caused by material and temperature must be fully considered rise. Generally, in addition to the given shrinkage deformation, the allowable maximum moisture content is 15%. Exceeding this range indicates that there is a problem with the use of raw materials. It should be changed to the O-ring of other raw materials, or the given shrinkage deformation rate should be adjusted. . After the vulcanized rubber seals O-ring is installed in the sealing groove, there is usually a necessary amount of stretching. Like the compression rate, the size of the stretch amount is also a great hazard to the sealing characteristics and service life of the O-ring. The large amount of drawing will not only make the installation of the o-ring difficult, but also reduce the compression rate due to the large change in the cross-sectional diameter d0, which may even cause leakage.
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