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Connector Seals Of rubber seal products

Connector seals is an accessory used to protect cable from dust, moisture and abrasion.

And our factory mainly produce Circular connector seals.

Circular connector seals are a component of circular connectors that form the environmental seal within the connector interface. Such seals are formed of a resilient, typically compressible material such as rubber or plastic and are mounted either within the connector between the mating surfaces, or between the connector and the cable as cable entry shields to prevent contaminants migrating along the cable towards the connector. We usually make the circular connector seals by rubber, including NBR, SILICONE, FKM, HNBR and so on.

Circular connector seals are designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture and harsh engine compartment fluids and chemicals. Connector seals are necessary for a wide range of applications, in particular those that require sealed plugs, receptacles and power connectors. Applications of circular connector seals.

Circular connectors seals are used in a various applications, such as coolant manifolds, air intakes and fuel systems to provide environmental shielding. They are a vital part of any wiring system exposed to industrial or outdoor environments, as they provide a robust, durable seal with excellent electrical insulation.

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