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by:ORK      2022-11-27
Correct use of O ring manufactures for rubber seals seals Correct usage of O ring manufactures Selection of sectional diameter In the case of a certain compression rate, the larger the sectional diameter, the smaller the permanent deformation, and the use of O-rings with large sectional diameters can obtain stable sealing sex. Especially when used as a dynamic seal, the large cut diameter has the effect of preventing twisting. seals are used at high pressures O-rings function because of the compressive stress of the material. In addition, the safety sealing effect is exerted by the pressure of the sealing fluid. Therefore, the limit of pressure should be considered in principle. The actual use of the O-ring must generate the pressure of the sealing medium fluid to keep the O-ring from being squeezed into the function. Therefore, the actual pressure resistance of the O-ring is determined by the relationship between the mechanical strength of the material (as a representative value: hardness) and the gap. When the retaining ring is under pressure from two directions, the retaining ring can be installed on both sides of the O-ring at the same time. When receiving pressure from one direction, install a retaining ring on the opposite side of the pressure. There are three types of retaining ring shapes: coil type, oblique cut type and spiral type. From the use effect, the circle shape is the best. From the point of view of installation convenience, it is convenient to be chamfered and spiral. Use of rubber seals for different purposes Even if the O-ring and groove size are used in accordance with JIS standards, the sag may occur in the inner diameter of the groove due to the combination of dimensional tolerances. Please do not bite the O-ring during installation. More information on rubber seals is here
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