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Custom fluorine rubber type O sealing ring need to pay attention to?

by:ORK      2020-08-03
Fluorine rubber type O sealing ring is vinyl fluoride, hexafluoropropylene, and a variety of mixing and sealing ring, formula preparation with good flame retardancy, air tightness, high temperature resistant, oil resistant, solvent resistance, fire resistant, resistant to chemicals and the nature of the resistance to climate, usually used in automotive, chemical processing, aerospace and many industries. Fluorine rubber type O sealing ring use temperature can reach 250 degrees high temperatures, short resistant to 300 & deg; C high temperature, it with good properties such as resistance to high temperature and chemical products. In addition, it also has good anti-aging and anti-oxidation, gas permeability is very low, but the fluorine rubber seals is divided into many varieties, different varieties also is a little difference. 【 】 Accept any specifications, any rubber fluorine rubber type O sealing ring, rubber seals seal, customized 【 Product quotation 】 Product: please provide the product performance requirements of the specifications of the size ( Length * width * height) + material types and thickness, hardness, temperature + order quantity, etc. ) To evaluate the offers. ( Quantity is critical, because product should consider to open mold fee, loss and many other issues, the more the cheaper price! ) 【 】 Is a entity factory, offer are ex-factory price, large amount of the price! 【 Customized information 】 1, for customized products, such as quantity size, not the price shall prevail. Please contact our offer. 2, when you don't know seal material process, as far as possible, please send the sample to us, so that big goods production to achieve the same effect. 3, when you are not sure the product forming effect, we can provide you with sample confirmation reproduction after the sample. Such as material, you don't understand, please will let us know your condition, sealing seal factory, 17 years professional for you to customize the appropriate fluorine rubber sealing ring (o-ring).
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