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Customized Rubber Products for Auto

Customized Rubber Products for Auto

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
any size
30~90 Shore
Compression Moulding
Transport Package
PE Inside, Carbon Outside or Customized
Guangdong, China
HS Code

Customized Rubber Products for Auto

Material Description
MaterialNBR(Nitrile Rubber/Buna-N)
Advantage1,Excellent Abrasion-Resistance,Good Rebound Resistance
2,Good Tensile Strength and Elongation
3,Excellent Animal and Vegetable Oil Resistance
4,Good Oil and Fuel Resistance
5,Good Water Resistance
Disadvantage1,Poor Oxygenated-Solvent Resistance
2,Poor Ozone Resistance
Temperature-40ºC-120ºC, -50ºC-150ºC(special formula)
Application1,Fuel tank, lubricating oil tank and oil in the hydraulic oil, gas, water, silicone 
grease, silicone oil and other fluid medium rubber parts, especially the sealing parts. 
2,It is currently the most widely used, the lowest cost of rubber seals.
MaterialSIL(Silicone Rubber)
Advantage1,Excellent Rebound Resistance
2,Excellent Oxygen and Ozone Resistance
3,Excellent Weathering and Heat Resistance
4,Excellent Heat and Low Temperature Resistance
5,Good heat insulation and heat dissipation.
6,Good electrical insulation
Disadvantage1,Poor Aliphatic-solvent Resistance
2,Poor Alkaline Resistance
Temperature-40ºC-220ºC, -100ºC-250ºC(special formula)
Application1,the household appliances industry seal or rubber parts, such as electric 
kettle, electric irons, microwave oven rubber parts.
2,The electronics industry seal or rubber parts, such as mobile phone keys,
shock pad DVD, cable joint seal etc.
3,Contact with the human body on various types of products on the seal, 
such as water bottles, water dispensers
MaterialEPDM(Ethylene propylene Rubber)
Advantage1,Excellent Weathering Resistance
2,Excellent Ozone Resistance
3,Excellent Flame Resistance
4,Excellent Heat Resistance
5,Excellent Water Resistance
6,Excellent Oxygenated-Solvent Resistance
Disadvantage1,Poor Oxygenated-Solvent Resistance
2,Poor Oil and Fuel Resistance
Temperature-50ºC-150ºC, -50ºC-200ºC(Special formula)
Application1,Shower Sealings or parts
1,Rubber parts for brake (brake) systems
2,Radiator (Automotive tank) seal
Advantage1,Excellent High Temperature Resistance
2. Excellent Abrasion-Resistance
3,Excellent Oil Resistance
4.Excellent Weathering Resistance
5.Excellent Ozone Resistance
6.Good Water Resistance
Disadvantage1.Poor Low Temperature Resistance
2.Poor Oxygenated-Solvent Resistance
Temperature-20ºC~250ºC , -40ºC~250ºC(special formula)
Application1.For Auto
2.For Aerospace
3.For Electronic Products
MaterialHNBR (Hydrogenate Nitrile)
Advantage1.Excellent Heat Resistance
2.Excellent Low Temperature Resistance
3.Excellent Ozone Resistance
4.Excellent Weathering Resistance
5.Excellent Radiation Resistance
6.Good Tear Resistance
Disadvantage1.Poor Oxygenated-Solvent Resistance
Application1.For Air conditioning
2.For power station
3.For washing machinery
Advantage1.Excellent Abrasion-Resistance,Good Rebound Resistance
2.Excellent Gas Aging Resistance
3.Good Oil and Fuel Resistance
4.Good Compression Resistance
5.Good Fire-resistance
Disadvantage1.Poor Low Temperature Resistance
2.Poor Electrical Insulation
Temperature -25~150 ºC
ApplicationFor heat - resistant conveyor belt
For oil and chemical-resistant hose
For the cover of Wires and cables
MaterialIIR(Butyl Rubber)
Advantage1.Excellent Gas Impermeability Resistance
2.Excellent Flame Resistance
3.Good Ozone Resistance
4.Good Heat Resistance
5.Good Oil and Fuel Resistance
DisadvantagePoor Low Temperature Resistance
Temperature-54~110 ºC
ApplicationFor Tire
For steam hose
For heat - resistant conveyor belt
MaterialPU (polyurethane rubber)
Advantage1.Excellent Abrasion-Resistance,Good Rebound Resistance
2.Excellent high pressure resistance
3.Good Ozone Resistance
4.Good Oil Resistance
5.Good Aging Resistance
6.Good conductivity
DisadvantagePoor High Temperature Resistance
Temperature-45~90 ºC
ApplicationFor Plastic runway of playground
For shoes
For car bumper, steering wheel etc.
MaterialFLS (Fluorinated Silicone Rubber)
Advantage1.Excellent Solvent resistance
2.Excellent Low Temperature Resistance
3.Excellent Oil Resistance,heat Resistance
4.Excellent Tear Resistance
5.Excellent Radiation Resistance
Temperature -50~200 ºC
ApplicationFor Drilling machinery and Refining oil equipment
For Natural gas desulfurization equipment
MaterialSBR(Styrene Butadiene Copolyme) 
Advantage1.Good Water Resistance
 2.Good Rebound Resistance(less than 70shore)
DisadvantagePoor chemical resistance 
Poor Tear Resistance ,Rebound Resistance
Temperature -30~100 ºC ,  -40~110 ºC(special formula)
ApplicationFor tire ,hose ,conveyor belt etc.

Company Information

What certificates have we gotten?Many samples cited as below:

We have passed the TS 16949,ISO 9001,SGS .REACH ,ROHS ,MSDS

Customized Rubber Products for Auto

Customized Rubber Products for Auto

Our factory

We have two factories ,one in Dongguan ,one in Jiangxi.So,we are more competitive in delivery time.
Customized Rubber Products for Auto

How do we control our quality?

Quality plays an important role in a company ,its the foundation of the brand.
Customized Rubber Products for Auto

OEM and customized service
1) Quality guarantee
•  Chemical checking 
•  NDE after rough machining 
•  Mechanical testing after heat treatment 
•  Final NDE,dimension inspected 
2)Best price:We will give the most competitive price,because we are manufacture
3) Quality document
•  Full Q.A document as per client request
4) Service 
•  Drawing: we can translate your original drawing, offer best suggestion 
on design. 
•  Quality: we have full set quality control system to guarantee the best 
.•  Inspection: inspect in house, all our products must be checked 3 times 
before packing.
5) Our goal
•  To be your preferred partner

Our advantages:
**A manufacture with more than 10 years experiences
**Free samples are accepted
**Customized sizes are accepted
**Most types and sizes are in stock
**Fast delivery and production

To meet the needs of customers who pursue high-quality Custom Rubber Seals, ORK has successfully made it. It can resist rolling, twisting, or shifting. Ruichen Sealing Co., Ltd. constantly develops new Custom Rubber Seals products in view of market demands. It can resist rolling, twisting, or shifting.
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