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Design of Composite Die for Blanking and Punching Forming of Dust-proof Ring

by:ORK      2022-10-27
1. Process analysis and determination of process plan This piece includes three processes of blanking, punching, and forming. The plate thickness is 0.5mm. It belongs to thin plate punching in steel die punching, and the die gap is small. There are three process schemes: blanking, punching, and deep drawing. Blanking and punching are completed at the same time, and then deep drawing is formed. Blanking and punching are completed at the same time. We analyzed the three process schemes as follows: If the blanking and punching processes are designed as a single-process die, each process requires a guide post and a guide sleeve device to ensure the blanking gap. The manufacturing cost is higher than a set of blanking and punching composite die, and it is inconvenient to load and take parts during punching, and the secondary positioning also reduces the dimensional accuracy of the parts, so the composite die structure should be considered. The general design adopts the second scheme, which is to design two sets of molds, one set of punching and blanking composite molds, and one set of forming molds. However, in view of the small stroke required for the forming process of this part, and the calculated pressure required for forming is about 7.5t, according to the equipment of our factory, the air cushion mechanism of the 315t press can meet the forming conditions of the part: the air cushion structure can be simple deep drawing process. The pressure provided by the air cushion is greater than the forming pressure of the piece. Therefore, it was decided to design a set of composite molds to complete the three actions of punching, blanking and forming at the same time, which not only reduced the cost of the mold, but also facilitated the operation and improved the work efficiency. 2. Mold structure and working process The mold structure is shown in Figure 2. The blanking and punching adopts a composite structure that is installed along the way. It is the forming die 5 during operation. After forming, it also has the function of a top piece. In the unloading mechanism, the ejector 16 and the punching rod 18 complete the action of unloading the punching waste. For the convenience of mold installation and reliable discharge, a rigid punching mechanism is used; the unloading plate 8, the unloading rubber 9, and the unloading screw 19 are completed. The action of unloading the waste material adopts an elastic unloading structure, and at the same time, it acts as a pre-compression on the blanking strip to prevent the strip from moving during blanking; the support rod and the forming die 5 are connected with the air cushion to eject the workpiece. 1. Lower die base 2, screw 3, support rod 4, blanking die 5, forming die 6, punching punch 7, screw 8, discharge plate 9, discharge rubber seals 10, upper die base 11, guide post 12 , guide sleeve 13, screw 14, fixing plate 15, male and female die 16, ejector 17, die handle 18, driving rod 19, unloading screw 20, positioning pin when working, the air cushion is always in working state, that is: forming die 5 is lifted by the support rod 3 and is in the working position, the strip leans against the positioning pin 20, the slider goes down, the unloading plate 8 presses the strip, the punching and blanking working part contacts the strip at the same time, the blank to be formed and the base metal After separation, the sliding block continues to descend, the forming punch 15 and the blank follow the descending, and contact with the forming die 5 to complete the forming process. . 3. Problems that should be paid attention to in mold design When the mold is working, the punching and blanking action should be completed first, and then the deep drawing should be carried out. The advantage of this is that the blank size after punching and blanking is accurate, the material positioning is accurate, and the size and shape of the punched parts are stable. Therefore, when designing the mold, it should be noted that the working position of the forming punch must be 2~3mm lower than the blanking die. 4. Application effect It has been proved by production practice that the process and mold meet the design requirements, ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, and complete the mold design that integrates punching and forming on a mechanical press. The mold is easy to operate, has good practicability, and reduces the input cost of the mold. Since it can be punched at one time, the number of upper and lower molds of the workpiece is reduced, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also improves the accuracy of the workpiece.
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