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Detailed introduction of automobile oil seal

by:ORK      2022-11-02
Detailed introduction of automobile oil seal 1. Basic principle of sealing: The most common basic principle of sealing ring is the basic theory of oil slick sealing, that is, the sealing ring has a certain contact area with the rotating shaft due to the extremely narrow sealing contact area of ​​the main sealing lip. Touch pressure, and generate a layer of grease film (thickness about 0.0025MM) on the surface of the shaft to complete the sealing effect. As an elastomer material seal, the rubber seals lip and elastic policy make it have good followability and compensation to the shaft. 2. Lip sealing method: There are various types of sealing ring lips, which can be divided into non-return line type and return line type according to the structure. , There is a return flow linear sealing ring, which is used to obtain the actual effect of the residual suction and flow back by taking the flow return lines such as the mileage, wave pattern, triangular bump or concave on the gas side of the rear side, and can suck back the leaked liquid back to the seal during operation. It is widely used in the working conditions such as high viscosity substances and high angular velocity due to its strong sealing characteristics and long service life. It is divided into unilateral flow return line and double flow return line. The single white return line sealing ring stipulates that the fine rotation angle is consistent with the rotation angle of the flow return line, while the double flow return line sealing ring can cause the shaft to rotate in both forward and reverse directions. Pump suction and return effect. The key to the double return line seal is to design triangular bumps (or concave grooves), wave rib, and wave lip on the gas side of the lip surface. The wave return line seal is the Its curved and wavy main rear can not only prevent the hydraulic oil from gathering and falling, but also allow to maintain a slightly thick oil slick, which can make the friction resistance only have no effect while causing the effect of killing suction and flow back. 3. Elements that endanger the service life of the sealing ring In addition to the damage of raw materials, another main criterion is the temperature rise of the lip, the temperature rise of the lip and the axial force and line The degree of friction, the frictional resistance of plastic particles and the heat transfer capacity are related. Therefore, a variety of comprehensive factors must be considered in the design scheme, and the best sealing characteristics can be obtained with a small axial force, thereby reducing the temperature of the lip. Increase the service life of the sealing ring
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