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Detailed introduction of common types of rubber sealing rings

by:ORK      2022-11-06
The rubber sealing ring is an annular cover composed of one or more parts, which is fixed on one ring or sealing ring of the rolling bearing and touches with another whole ring or sealing ring or produces a narrow mystery gap. , to avoid grease exposure and diplomatic intrusion. General types of rubber sealing rings (o-rings, Y-rings) seals are used in a variety of mechanical equipment, resistant to various crude oil base oils and various organic chemicals: o-type rubber seals are used in different types of rubber. The application working pressure range of the type rubber sealing ring:<10MPa (hydraulic press),<1MPa(Pneumatic)<The moisture content of nitrile rubber of 16MPa (filler seal) and gasoline-resistant gasoline for vehicles (90, 93, 97) is 0. 2. Y-shaped rubber sealing ring The Y-shaped rubber sealing ring is a commodity produced from several materials such as fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, and chlorovulcanized rubber. The Y-shaped rubber sealing ring is used in hydraulic presses, mechanical equipment, pneumatic and other manufacturing industries. Crude oil-resistant base oil has excellent wear resistance, Y-type rubber sealing ring adopts different rubber raw materials, and the temperature area of ​​-60℃-+300℃ can be considered. 3. Silicone rubber sealing ring products Silicone rubber sealing ring products are used in electronic devices, medical machinery, food and other manufacturing industries. The raw materials of silicone rubber sealing ring are usually domestic and imported silicone rubber, and the application temperature can be considered -60°—+300°C, silicone rubber sealing ring can be considered acid and alkali resistance, steam resistance, medical equipment, food machinery and equipment applications. 4. Fluorine rubber sealing ring series products The fluorine rubber sealing ring product series are used in manufacturing industries such as trolley, shipbuilding, military, electronic and electrical, etc. The operating temperature of fluorine rubber sealing ring is -40℃+300℃, and it can withstand light fuel oil , Heat-resistant, air-conditioned Freon, resistant to boiling water, steam and good solvent corrosion resistance. 5. ptfe rubber sealing ring (gasket) series products ptfe rubber sealing ring (gasket) has heat resistance and corrosion resistance, even if it does not react with concentrated acid, alkali or oxidant at high temperature, ptfe rubber sealing ring ( Gaskets) have been widely used as rubber seals, ptfe rubber gaskets (gaskets) are suitable for sealing equipment on pipelines, flanges, reaction tanks, gate valves and vessels. The material of the rubber sealing ring is usually nitrile rubber seals and natural rubber. Nitrile rubber is obtained by emulsion polymerization of styrene and acrylonitrile. The key to nitrile rubber is produced by ultra-low temperature emulsion polymerization. High grinding performance, good temperature resistance and strong adhesion; natural rubber is a pure natural inorganic compound with polyisoprene as the key component. The chemical formula is (C5H8)n, and its composition is 91% to 94%. It is a vulcanized rubber hydrocarbon (polyisoprene), and the others are non-vulcanized rubber chemicals such as protein, oleic acid, ash, and glycogen. Natural rubber is a widely used general-purpose vulcanized rubber. Application fields of rubber seals: key applicable to hydraulic and pneumatic system software and various industrial equipment and electronic devices, in the required working pressure, temperature and different liquid and vapor substances, stationary or fitness movement The environment floats the sealing effect. The suitable operating temperature of the rubber seals sealing ring is -40~+230℃.
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