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Detailed introduction of physical and chemical properties of silicone roller seals

by:ORK      2022-10-29
Silicone roller is based on silicon obtained from calcite, and is a saturated non-polar vulcanized rubber seals produced by the adhesion of silicon atoms to the main chain such as hydroxyl and vinyl. Different main chains will cause silica gel to have different characteristics. Hydroxy vinyl silica gel (VMQ) is one of the most widely used silica raw materials. Silicone rollers have excellent temperature resistance, ultra-low temperature ductility, excellent resistance to air oxidation and active oxygen, high air permeability and selectivity for vapor passage. Excellent insulation properties (volume resistor over 10 ohm.cm, breakdown field strength over 30kv/mm), resistance to corona discharge and electric isolation. However, with the addition of conductive carbon black, nickel powder, alumina powder, and aluminum-silver powder, a moderate conductivity must be obtained (volume resistors can cause 5-0.02 ohm.cm). Silicone rollers have a low surface and are absorbent for isolation. Moisture resistance, but poor water vapor resistance, not recommended for working pressures above 50psi. Compatible with most oils, organic chemicals and organic solvents. Generally, silica gel has good corrosion resistance, good resistance to polar solvents, and no resistance to alkane hydrogen and alicyclic refined oil. It is not recommended to be used in most extracted organic solvents, refined oils, concentrated acids and caustic soda solutions after dilution. The special silica gel also has the characteristics of radiation resistance, flame retardancy, acid and alkali resistance. It has low tensile strength and weak wear resistance, so it is generally not used for dynamic sealing. The temperature range is -60℃~225℃, the high temperature of the unique silica gel can reach 300℃, and the ultra-low temperature can reach -100℃. (TR10 can be at -100℃)
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