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Development and Application of Polyurethane Sealing Materials

by:ORK      2022-10-28
Dimensional stability, tight tolerances, extrusion damage resistance, and wear resistance are adjectives that accurately describe the characteristics of Parker Hannifin's polyurethane seals. Parker began producing ultrathan and resilon polyurethane materials more than 20 years ago, and Parker's polyurethane seals have continued to evolve since then. First, it was widely used in the hydraulic field of mobile machinery, followed by the field of pneumatics, and finally developed into various industries. High temperature polyurethane material The working temperature of modern thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) seals has been from -40 ° C to +120 ° C, and it can also adapt to strong chemical media. At the same time, the basic properties such as high extrusion resistance and good wear resistance are also maintained. Even without lubrication, the piston rod seal can reciprocate at a speed of 0.05m/s under a pressure of 10MPa. Long-term tests on ISO standard oil cylinder piston seals show that the life of polyurethane material seals is 5 to 6 times that of nitrile rubber material seals of the same shape and size. Polyurethane as a seal material made a breakthrough in the early 1980s. At that time, some manufacturers, including Parker, developed polyurethane materials that were more resistant to hydrolysis. These new polyurethane seals remained elastic at high pressures and up to +110°C, achieving better sealing performance and Polyurethane (high temperature can only withstand +80 ℃) longer working life. This achievement opens the door to hydraulic applications in mobile machinery, where designers in the industry had previously distrusted the original polyurethane material seals. In 1989, Parker's P5008 material was approved for use in Caterpillar's global factories, which marked a breakthrough in the application of Parker's polyurethane material seals in earthmoving equipment. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) seal systems have quickly replaced the structure of 5 to 7 pieces of cloth rubber seals V-ring combinations in excavator applications. This success more than a decade ago has led Parker to further expand its investment in the development of new polyurethane materials. new“tailor-made”The wide variety of thermoplastic polyurethane materials, more seal shapes and more economical production methods expand the range of potential applications. Polyurethane material pneumatic seals In the field of pneumatic sealing applications, Parker successfully provided polyurethane material seals for the first time in its peers in 1988. For the needs of oil-free lubrication in the pneumatic field, Parker has developed a series of sealing structures and special materials. Polyurethane materials are also quickly becoming the standard in this field due to their advantages of longer service life, more wear resistance, and insensitivity to rough surfaces. In addition, improvements in hydrolysis resistance open up new fields of application. Parker P5000 Polyurethane can be used in equipment that uses environmentally compatible oils (such as lettuce oil); Parker P5500 seals have high resistance to high concentrations of acids or corrosive solutions, and can be used in chemical plants up to +80 ° C continuous use at the temperature. Parker P5062 polyurethane material is particularly suitable for use as hydraulic cylinder piston seals. It has excellent thermal stability and can withstand high temperatures up to +110°C (peak up to +125°C). P5011 polyurethane material, with low friction coefficient and high wear resistance, is suitable for piston rod seals of low pressure hydraulic equipment. P6000 is a new type of polyurethane developed recently. It has good wear resistance and extrusion resistance. It is very suitable for use as high pressure seals or micro seals. It can be used in hydraulic excavators, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic shock absorbers, Gas springs, etc. Whether in the world's largest excavators, in the CO2 valves of compressed air guns, in the automatic actuation of car hoods, or in the gas springs of the lower car of a new Zeppelin, Parker's polyurethane seals are increasingly proven its superior reliability. Since the 1990s, Parker Hannifin Seal Group officially entered the field of fluid transmission in China. The good wear resistance, elasticity, hydrolysis resistance and temperature range of its polyurethane seals have provided customers in the construction machinery and machine tool industries. Reliable hydraulic and pneumatic sealing system. A typical application worth mentioning is the concrete mechanical hydraulic sealing system. The working conditions of the concrete pumping main cylinder are harsh: the pressure is above 30MPa, the speed is 1m/s, the oil temperature reaches +70℃, and the piston rod end is immersed in in water. Parker China has been cooperating with Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion, which are leaders in the industry since 1995, and Parker Seals has become the preferred brand in this industry. Experts from Parker's German factory once specially designed a polyurethane piston for the concrete conveying cylinder for Sany Heavy Industry, which is used to push concrete. Less downtime creates more value for hosting users. In the pneumatic industry, Parker seals are selected by many well-known pneumatic components suppliers such as Festo, BoschRexroth, IMINorgren, etc. Domestic manufacturers such as Jinan Huaneng, Shanghai Xinyi and Wuxi Hengli have also successfully applied Parker seals to their pneumatic components to improve the sealing performance of the products. Parker's MK Polyurethane Piston Seals allow cylinder manufacturers to place magnets in them and have guide and end cushioning functions for short stroke cylinders without oil lubrication. The standard material is P5010, which is longer than nitrile rubber seals. of use time. https://www.orksealing.com/
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