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Development of rubber seals

by:ORK      2022-10-22
With the development trend of China's economic and social development, the current stage has clearly put forward the provisions of the development and design of seals used in conditions such as severe cold, desert and water. Tightness can be divided into two main types: rotary seal and reciprocating seal. According to whether the parts of the seal and the relative speed are touching, it can be divided into grid sealing and non-contact sealing; according to the sealing and touching parts, it can be divided into round sealing and inner hole sealing, inner hole sealing Tightness is also called mechanical seal. Centrifugal sealing and spiral sealing in dynamic sealing rely on the driving force to the material when the equipment is running to obtain sealing, so it is sometimes called driving force sealing. Although rubber seals and plastic product seals are small, their functions make them become basic components and spare parts in key social and economic fields such as national defense security, chemical plants, crude oil, coal, road transportation, and machinery and equipment manufacturing. play a very important role in development. In recent years, with the rapid improvement of the social economy, the processing and manufacturing of rubber and plastic products and seals has maintained a double-digit increase. The data shows that in 2011, the business scale of China's rubber and plastic products sealing parts processing and manufacturing industry (the above companies (according to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales volume is more than 20 million yuan) completed an industrial output value of nearly 100 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20% year-on-year. , There are more than 150 companies with a business scale (annual salary of more than 20 million yuan) in the processing and manufacturing of rubber seals and plastic products in China. China's sealing gasket field as a whole shows the future development situation of small companies and low technical strength. From the perspective of economic nature, the share of private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises exceeds 95%, which is the key economic nature of the industry; at the same time, most of the companies are concentrated in East China. From the perspective of the total number of companies, sales and total assets , East China has a very large market share, and the market concentration is relatively high.
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