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Development of sealing technology for rubber-plastic insulation board seals without mold manufacturing

by:ORK      2022-11-09
We all know that CNC is the English abbreviation of CNC lathe. The SEAL-N-C system software released by Aizhi Industrial Technology Enterprise Group and Ruitai Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the application of CNC in SEAL, so it is called SEAL-N-C. The SEAL-N-C system software of this innovative design scheme adopts a completely independent patented design scheme from machine equipment, mobile phone software, and performance parameters, which can quickly produce and process round rods into vulcanized rubber seals seals, eliminating the need for traditional rubber seals seals. The product must be manufactured according to the limits of the mould. This kind of technology first appeared abroad and has been monopolized by very few overseas companies. This domestically produced and completely independent patented SEAL-N-C technology makes up for the blank page of China's rubber and plastic insulation board sealing without mold manufacturing technology, and gets rid of the long-term dependence on overseas high-end rubber and plastic insulation board seals and seals in my country. The situation of overseas rubber and plastic insulation board seal CNC system software. At this stage, the first ten units of this machine have already been successfully accepted and used according to the project, and the demand for commodities is very high. The high-precision rubber and plastic insulation board seal CNC lathe processing system software SEAL-N-C not only has the advantages of simple operation, high processing precision, fast productivity, stable product quality, etc., but also can quickly complete the design and development of new rubber and plastic insulation board seals, It solves the problem of machinery and equipment for domestic seals to replace imported high-precision rubber and plastic insulation board seals, and makes up for China's blank page in this technical field. For the requirements of customers in different manufacturing industries, we can carry out in-depth development and design of generalized and systematic high-precision rubber-plastic insulation board seals. The series of products that have already been released at this stage include SEAL-N-C320, which can produce sealing rings and O ring manufactures with a diameter of 320, and SEAL-N-C600, which can produce silicone sealing rings and O ring manufactures with a diameter of 600. . The production and manufacture of rubber and plastic insulation board seals in China generally converts the picture of the sealing product of the rubber and plastic insulation board into a drawing of an abrasive tool, firstly, the metal material is released from the mold, and then the raw material of the rubber and plastic insulation board is processed by compression molding or casting. , injection molding factories, etc., the cycle time from designing a product to producing a qualified product is long. In addition, because the production process is carried out separately by forming and thermal aging, there is a problem of cold shrinkage, so there is no way to ensure a sufficient high. precision. In recent years, overseas high-precision rubber and plastic insulation board seals have selected excellent processing methods, that is, after standard maturity of rubber and plastic insulation board raw materials, milling production without abrasive tools is carried out to produce seals. It not only greatly improves the precision and productivity of commodity manufacturing, but also promotes the design upgrade of server machinery and equipment and the solution for rapid maintenance. The CNC lathe processing of high-precision rubber and plastic insulation board seals is the root of such excellent technology. At this stage, no other company in China has independent patent rights for similar technology.
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