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Development trend of rubber and plastic sealing materials

by:ORK      2022-11-09
Research on the formulation and processing technology of special rubber and plastic materials such as nitrile, hydrogenated nitrile, fluororubber, acrylate rubber, and polytetrafluoroethylene commonly used in rubber seals and plastic seals. Improving the applicability and utilization rate of materials is still the focus of work. The application of nanomaterials will improve the mechanical properties and special functions of rubber and plastic materials. Among the first four national standards for nanomaterials promulgated and implemented by the National Standardization Committee on April 1 this year, one of them is for rubber.“Nano zinc oxide”standard. Special engineering elastomers have replaced low-performance oil-resistant rubber; surface treatment of rubber bright surfaces; modification of rubber and plastic materials and application of liquid rubber materials through nanotechnology have made some progress in recent years. Especially the recent application of some new materials has greatly promoted the rubber and plastic sealing technology. The relatively weak thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) used in seals in my country has the physical properties of vulcanized rubber and the processability of thermoplastic resins. The molding process does not require vulcanization, so it is used as the third-generation rubber. Among the main varieties, TPO, TPV and TPU have been widely used in the world: the application of TPV in automobiles has an average annual growth rate of 15%. Generally, it is a fully cross-linked compound of EPDN and PP, which combines high tensile strength, oil resistance, heat resistance, etc. It can withstand 150 ℃ hot oil conditions for a long time, and can be used to replace EPDM in the production of automotive seals and other products; TPO is currently mostly composed of EPDM and polyethylene components, and the production process has a mechanical blending method and dynamic vulcanization. in TPO produced by dynamic vulcanization. The rubber component is as high as 60-70%, and the wear resistance, ozone resistance, high tear strength, small compression deformation, and comprehensive performance are better than EPDM vulcanized rubber. The United States, Western Europe and Asia are continuing to build TPO production facilities; TPU has both excellent plastic processing properties and rubber physical properties, and its wear resistance, low temperature resistance, radiation resistance are excellent. , daily necessities, military, etc. can be widely used in automobile shock pads, bushings, bearing bushes, bushings, airbags and other parts. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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