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Different material analysis of the oil resistance of rubber seals

by:ORK      2020-07-26
material sort is more, according to the oil resistance is divided into polarity rubber ( Oil resistant rubber) With nonpolar rubber ( Oil resistant rubber) , so different material oil resistance of rubber seals? The seal tell you! 1, oil resistance, FKM fluorine rubber seals and FMVQ fluorine silicone rubber seals on the patience of fuel oil is relatively good, among them, neoprene and chlorinated polyethylene rubber (CPE worst fuel resistance, oil resistance of NBR nitrile butadiene rubber seal materials increase with the increase of content of propylene sunny, fuel resistance of chlorohydrin rubber is better than nitrile butadiene rubber. 2, the mixed fuel resistance: FMVQ fluorine silicone rubber and FKM fluorine rubber seal material on the patience of blended fuel oil well, the second worst mixed fuel resistance of acrylate rubber, NBR rubber seal material mixed fuel resistance increase with the increase of content of propylene sunny; High-fluorine fluorine rubber on the stability of the mixed fuel is better. 3, resistant to mineral oil: NBR nitrile butadiene rubber is a common mineral oil resistant rubber seal material, Ding Qinai mineral oil increase with the increase of content of propylene sunny, but high propylene content of acrylic nitrile butadiene rubber heat resistance is limited. When the oil temperature reaches 150 degrees, should use hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber, fluorine rubber FKM, fluorine silicone rubber FMVQ and acrylate rubber. FKM oil temperature reached 150 degrees, fluorine rubber, fluorinated silicone rubber seals FMVQ works best. But the cost is high, to reduce the cost, can be charged to below 50% in fluorine rubber FKM acrylate rubber, and after the vulcanizates performance degradation is not greater than 20%. 4, resistance to acid oxidation fuel: for acid oxidation of fuel oil, acid oxidation of hydrogen peroxide on fuel can worsen the performance of vulcanized rubber, so commonly used in the fuel system of nitrile butadiene rubber, chlorohydrin rubber is difficult to meet the requirements of use for a long time. Only containing fluorine elastomer such as fluorine rubber FKM, fluorine silicone rubber FMVQ, set fluoride phosphate and hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber performance is better. Ordinary NBR rubber, cannot work long hours at 125 degrees of acidic gas. Only low sulphur - using cadmium oxide activated To sulfur and white carbon black nitrile butadiene rubber as the main raw material, good resistance to acid gas, increase the content of propylene sunny, can reduce the permeability of acid gas. Different the types of oil resistant rubber material is different, so need to use a combination of working condition and decide, when using, such as oil resistance of the material you still don't understand, please consult, professional manufacturer of rubber seal: 17 years!
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