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Dimensional tolerance of O-ring

by:ORK      2022-10-26
O ring manufactures are widely used because of their simple processing technology and simple application, but different manufacturing industries have different regulations on dimensional tolerances. Specifications of O-ring seals are generally expressed in terms of diameter, nominal diameter, and wire specifications. Generally, only the nominal diameter and wire specifications must be marked or indicated on the engineering drawings or when purchasing O ring manufactures, and the diameter is equivalent to the nominal diameter + 2×The wire gauge, or just a gauge that states the diameter and wire gauge will do. The dimensional tolerance of the O-ring specification and model generally mainly refers to the dimensional tolerance of the nominal diameter and the dimensional tolerance of the wire specification. The key to the dimensional tolerance of the specification and model is the size of the specification. The larger the specification, the larger the dimensional tolerance. For example, the dimensional tolerance specification for O-ring seals with a nominal diameter of 0.05 to 1.79mm is±0.10MM, O-ring size tolerance specification for wire size 0.05 to 1.79MM is±0.07MM. It can be known from the above that different standard tolerance ranges are different. If customers have no special requirements, generally O-ring manufacturers mainly manufacture with B/T3672.1-2002M1 dimensional tolerances.
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