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does hepa filter always mean the best not necessarily

by:ORK      2020-03-17
Imagine this;
You are staring at your home proudly as you have just vacuumed.
You will feel safe, safe and free from allergens, dirt and particles.
You think your asthma child is sitting in a clean room and the floor and air are cleaned because you are just vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
After all, the best vacuum is the one that contains the HEPA filter, right?
Sadly, this is not true in all cases.
Although many consumers believe that all HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are the same, this is far from the case.
Manufacturers know that HEPA filtering is popular
After many consumers, the word is promoted by manufacturers, but often deceptive and suspicious.
The HEPA filter is designed by the housing and filter media, which prevents tiny particles from being discharged from the machine, but all HEPA vacuum cleaners are constructed in different ways.
Where many vacuum cleaner companies are eager to brag about the HEPA filter contained in it, they are reluctant to state the second
Rating works in their vacuum cleaner.
While a vacuum cleaner may contain a HEPA filter, this does not mean that it automatically becomes a beneficial product for asthma, allergies and other health problems.
A large number of vacuum cleaners do not have engineering around the HEPA filter to ensure that contaminated air is forced to be discharged only through the HEPA filter.
An unsealed vacuum cleaner will spread the contaminated air from the vacuum cleaner into the air, making your air more unsanitary than when you start vacuuming, although your vacuum cleaner has
For many consumers who buy a \"HEPA vacuum cleaner\" due to health issues such as asthma and allergies, this means that due to poor structure, you think the vacuum you buy is actually not enough to remove contaminants in the air.
It turns out that the efficiency, ability or function of the vacuum cleaner is not as high as one would expect.
The construction of countless vacuum cleaners with efficient air filters does not ensure that the air contaminated in the vacuum must pass through the efficient air filter, resulting in the failure of the vacuum to disinfect the air in your home.
One of the best vacuum cleaners for HEPA clean air is the Miele vacuum cleaner.
The Miele vacuum cleaner is completely sealed, creating a truly HEPA certified vacuum cleaner.
The Miele vacuum is designed to allow all air to pass through the HEPA filter before it is discharged.
The Miele vacuum cleaner has a rubber seal to seal the vacuum and make sure there is no dirty air in the air.
This is very important for allergies or asthma.
So before choosing a HEPA vacuum cleaner, make sure the vacuum is fully sealed so that you can really get the vacuum that meets your needs.
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