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Does the rubber O-ring need to consider these standards to meet the standard?

by:ORK      2022-10-22
The main use of rubber O-rings is very common, and its office environment is also complicated and varied, which requires that its plastic pellets have some unique characteristics. In the hydraulic transmission system, it should have excellent wear resistance, heat resistance, low reduction permanent deformation and certain tensile strength. As a dynamic seal, in addition to the regulations, the plastic pellets should also have good wear resistance and resilience characteristics. The sealing property of the unique substance stipulates that the volume change and strength change of the plastic particles in the substance are small. Vulcanized rubber O ring manufactures are suitable for installation on various industrial equipments, and they can perform sealing functions in stationary or moving states in the required temperature, working pressure, and different liquid and vapor substances. In sanitary ware, boats, cars, hardware, electronic devices, small toys, household appliances, aerospace machinery and equipment, mechanical equipment, and various instrumentation equipment, many types of sealed components are used. Vulcanized rubber O-ring is mainly used for packing sealing and repeated movement sealing. When used to rotate fitness sports seals, only low gear rotary seal equipment. The vulcanized rubber O-ring is generally installed in the outer circle or the pipe groove with a rectangular frame on the outer circle to play a sealing function. Vulcanized rubber O-ring still has excellent sealing performance and shock absorption effect in natural environments such as acid and alkali resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, grinding, and organic chemical corrosion. Therefore, vulcanized rubber O-ring is the most commonly used hydraulic seal in hydraulic press and pneumatic transmission system software. Under normal circumstances, the secret recipe of vulcanized rubber is composed of raw rubber, vulcanized rubber seals antioxidant reinforcement management system, safety protection management system, reinforcement management system, and softening management system. The purpose of the secret recipe design scheme is to find the best formulation composition of a variety of interoperable two-component components, so as to obtain excellent comprehensive performance. And a rubber O-ring that meets the standard must consider this standard: 1. The performance index requirements of the sealing ring must be considered first. 2. The next plastic pellets should have excellent performance in production and processing. 3. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, the raw materials with low price, sourced from colorful, non-toxic or slightly toxic, and stable characteristics should be selected as much as possible.
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