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by:ORK      2020-07-26
1. Product name: rubber seal ring seal o-rings, etc. 2. Product specifications: custom class 3. Product material and application: nitrile butadiene, natural material selection, fluorine rubber, silicone, etc. , widely used in automobiles, machinery, medical, electronics, valve etc, choose different analysing can satisfy different work areas, wear-resisting, flexible product performance is good, can according to need to request production design. 4. Product performance: shock damping; Ageing resistance; Heat resistant; Resistance to traction; Good wear resistance; Prevent slippery, protection. Advantage: 1, has advanced vulcanization of rubber injection machine, flat machine, vacuum, rubber pugging machine, mixing machine, extrusion equipment, etc. 2, perfect quality control system, high standard management, high quality production. 3, can come to sample, to map custom, professional design production and sales through-train service. 4, USES the high quality of rubber seals and silicone raw materials, can also according to customer's special demand, the selected material. Dongguan city, ) Was founded in 2001, now has workshop 20000 square meters, more than 200 sets of equipment, is a collection of product design, mold design, processing, research and development of rubber formula, mixing and testing the integration of large-scale rubber seal manufacturer. Company is mainly engaged in high polymer wear-resisting material, nitrile rubber, silicone, fluorine rubber seals, natural rubber, neoprene, rubber seal products such as research and development, production; Products are widely used in auto parts, household appliances, bathroom building materials, construction machinery, chemical machinery, food beer production line, motorcycle accessories, ship repair, lighting lamps and lanterns, furniture decoration and other industries, especially in the seal, mechanical spare parts of imported equipment's experience in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of surveying and mapping shall be also can be seen. seal products to select different materials can meet the different high and low temperature resistance, high and low pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali and other chemical medium, corrosion resistance, aging, knight of the oil pressure and fatigue condition of the environment, can design suitable products according to customer demand, custom all kinds of sealing products service hotline:
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