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'DongSheng di tiejun' dunhuang desert gobi walking challenge 108 km - 4 days 3 night Dongguan DongSheng di sealing products co. , LTD

by:ORK      2020-08-07
On May 16, 2018, & other; Tiejun & throughout; Dunhuang desert gobi foot 4 days and 3 nights challenge 108 km, with actions tell everybody the vitality of culture, team spirit, a spirit of exploration practice, exercise willpower is honed. Dunhuang city, jiuquan city, gansu province in the custody of a county-level city, located in northwestern gansu province, has always been for the silk road town, is a national famous historical and cultural city. Dunhuang three mountain east peak rock abrupt sceneries, south pillow magnificence of qilian mountain, west to the vast expanse of the taklamakan desert, snake song north Rocky Mountains in the north, is famous for dunhuang grottoes and dunhuang murals, the mogao grottoes is the world's cultural heritage and yumenguan han Great Wall frontier and the seat of the sunlight. This hiking, we will work with the mogao grottoes of buddhist civilization, under the eye of the desert crescent lake, and the singing TuoLingSheng began to desert trip. Day 1: dunhuang gobi desert on the first day of hiking, task is from the ancient silk road across the yadan landform to ancient city, the river storehouse the walked over 28 km gobi desert, saline-alkali land, and swamp. Sun heat during the day and at night the weather mutations, the temperature difference between 30 degrees, bumpy road, walk very difficult. But again big difficulty, can't stop the step forward of National People's Congress. Day 2: dunhuang gobi desert hiking the next day, the task is too yumenguan han Great Wall, the night camped in the gobi desert, the gobi desert to the walked over 30 km, saline-alkali land. High temperature, heat waves, mosquito let players appear different degree of damage, but held to strong will let tiejun stationed, the desert village, to the stars. Day 3: dunhuang gobi desert hiking on the third day, the task from the gobi desert sunlight to the terminal site, the 32 km. The temperature around 40 degrees, the hot weather will only make our blood increasingly hot; The wind flying sand, will only make our steps more firmly. Day 4: dunhuang gobi desert hiking on the fourth day, the last free stroke, the 18 km. Behind the last 5 km walk more hard, but hard environment pressure not ruin people's shoulders, can not drag their footsteps, under the players help each other, tiejun together walked 108 kilometers of the journey, well packaged. The joy, we first row on the 108 km road line of hardship and the joy of success, it tells us that no matter how hard your situation, whether you how bumpy road, as long as we consistent aim, strong enough, enough unity, nothing can stop us tiejun's footsteps! Whenever and talk about our trip to the desert, can recall that like blood boiling hot sand, like the moonlight, quiet water, and the sun sun, put on a common in our life picture scroll with chic style! The dunhuang desert gobi foot 4 days and 3 nights challenge 108 km, through the solidarity tiejun, unremitting efforts, the team and individuals have achieved good results. Company team achieved & other; The second one thousand people go gobi gobi challenge in the international business elite & throughout; Team fifth, business elite Zhang Lixin made & other; Personal man challenges & throughout; No. 15. Personnel to complete the challenge 108 km block bright desert adventure, and acquire & other Shackleton award & throughout; A perfect full stop for this activity!
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