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Doors and Windows closed tight how to solve?

by:ORK      2020-08-03
Often someone to complain, the door is always closed weakly in the home, with the wind is loud. And people talking outside, the home also listen to clear, can't sleep want to quiet reading, it's enough when. Starters, a look, it is said that the door is not installed, this one check again, the door is good, how did that happen? Actually, you look again carefully, in fact, it is your bad sealing strip. What? This little article seal can let a person so a headache. So, now will give you introduction, this small strip of bigger role! Wooden door sealing strip its main function is to make the door leaf and door frame contact closed lower voice, reduce dust into the door, and prolong the life of protective paint. The most obvious is shockproof, put it on door stop line and then reduce ( Even disappear) The crash when closed, a protective effect on the edge of the door leaf, and extend the service life of the door, reduced the noise. Widely used in families, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, clean engineering, shopping malls and other fields, the main dust, wind, light, sound insulation, insulation smoke, insulating, insect, reduce vibration, and so on. Now know why instead of watching the sealing strip, can play a crucial role for life! But to ask the sealing strip which is good, is of course! Rubber seal products first, choose a different material can meet different high and low temperature resistance, high and low pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali and other chemical medium, corrosion resistance, aging, knight of the oil pressure and fatigue condition of the environment, can according to customer demand design suitable products.
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