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by:ORK      2020-07-02
Windows to install closely, to avoid air leakage seepage, usually installed Windows sealing strip, it can be dustproof, waterproof, sound insulation sealing. But, a lot of people to its also is not very understanding, especially in this installation, the following article to introduce the window seal of several major categories of doors and Windows sealing strip is mainly used in window of model steel door, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, wooden doors and Windows and other architectural doors and Windows. At present mainly modified PVC sealing strip market, vulcanized epdm ( EPDM) And thermoplastic epdm ( EPDM/PP) Strip is given priority to. 【 The modified PVC strip 】 Prices are relatively low, due to the different quality, low-end PVC glue due to the use of waste materials, alternative plasticizer, and high filling amount, to make strip of flexibility is poor, prone to hard, barbed nose smell, easily moved frame material yellowing, short service life. Middle and high-end PVC strip can reach standard index, is also relatively longer service life. PVC products containing halogen, stabilizers containing heavy metal, is not conducive to environmental protection. 【 Vulcanized epdm rubber seals sealing strip 】 In a sealed elastic persistence than PVC strip has a lot to strengthen, but due to the need microwave vulcanization line shape, high energy consumption of the processing, is 20 times more than PVC processing, the product can't recycle, not environmental protection, is not a product of the national advocacy. In addition, this kind of product material proportion ( 1. More than 4) With PVC ( Low proportion of vulcanized epdm gaskets bigger) Out of the window rate and PVC strip about, use cost is relatively high, doors and Windows enterprise is difficult to accept. 【 Thermoplastic epdm rubber sealing strip 】 Is imported technology from abroad and domestic in recent years, independent research and development on the basis of the developed a kind of new material, mainly used for car doors and Windows sealing strip, started in recent years used for building doors and Windows sealing strip. Above is a few big categories of doors and Windows sealing strip, sealing strip if you need to learn more about information, can be focused on the seal's official website, if you want to customize the sealing strip, can call customer service hotline: 24 h, welcome your calls from seal website article, reprint please indicate the source
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