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Doors and Windows sealing strip seals

by:ORK      2020-07-03
Doors and Windows is indispensable in the design of interior decoration decoration materials, many owners in indoor doors and Windows products when the choose and buy, often just pay attention to appearance and quality, but seldom pay attention to doors and Windows installation accessories purchase, especially the doors and Windows sealing strip, doors and Windows sealing strip to a certain extent, determines the doors and Windows installation quality and the use of performance, the doors and Windows sealing strip which material is good? Doors and Windows sealing strip about how to choose? With small make up to see together. Doors and Windows sealing strip what kind of material is: 1, the rubber seals: decorate doors and Windows sealing strip in the doors and Windows in use is more, its durability is pretty good, the material of rubber is good, is soft, can help stop well impact, compressive strength and the impact is very good, as the main rubber seals material, it can have a good sealing effect, also has extended service life. Article 2, silica gel: speaking of doors and Windows sealed, silica gel is necessary choice, flexibility and heat resistance of silica gel material are visible in the material, its plasticity is good, are very popular among users, and more and more, the silicone material is relatively safe, use performance is stable, well received by many users. 3, three yuan, 3-20: epdm maybe everybody is not very familiar with, used in doors and Windows sealing strip are actually more, epdm is also very good choice, epdm this kind of material is through the comprehensive design coordination, good texture, sealing effect also is very good, more and more deeply now decorate like, decorate in the actual design can first have a basic understanding of, whether can meet the demand of today to decorate. As it is a simple introduction about common material of doors and Windows sealing strip, believe that through the above introduction, everyone for doors and Windows sealing strip will have a further understanding and understanding, if you want to customize the doors and Windows sealing strip, can call 24 h free customer service hotline: articles from, reprint please indicate the source
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