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Efficacy and use of silicone rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-19
Efficacy and use of silicone rubber seals sealing ring What is the actual use of silicone rubber seals sealing ring? Silicone rubber seals are often used in daily electrical appliances, such as rice cookers, water cups, fresh-keeping boxes, incubators, coffee machines, etc. If the silicone rubber seals seal is missing, then the tightness of this type of product will not be available. 1. Silicone rubber sealing ring has excellent sealing properties, can achieve excellent sealing performance, so that water cannot penetrate into the sealing space; 2. Silicone rubber sealing ring has good tensile properties, even with great tensile force, it can Continuous opening. No deformation; 3. The silicone rubber sealing ring has a good effect of keeping fresh, and can keep food or other items that must be kept fresh at a good level of novelty. The temperature is non-toxic and harmless, and it is a green nutritious food; 4. Silicone rubber sealing The ring has good adaptability, even if it is heated at high temperature, it will not deform or change, and it will not cause toxic and harmful substances; 5. Silicone rubber sealing ring has excellent insulating properties, and will not be affected even in high temperature weather; Silicone (Q ) Sealing ring 6. Silicone rubber sealing ring has a variety of patience, arc discharge, pulse resistance and high and low temperature resistance, and good aging resistance; 7. Silicone rubber sealing ring has a long service life and is not easy to be damaged due to long use time. Yellowing or fading; 8. The ductility of the silicone rubber sealing ring is stronger than that of other ordinary plastics, even at minus 60°, but also maintain stable ductility; 9. Silicone rubber sealing ring can not use after shrinkage and refined oil. Naturally cannot be used for viscous shrinking acid and sodium hydroxide solutions.
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