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Elements of Rubber Affecting Rubber O-Rings

by:ORK      2022-11-14
Elements of Rubber Affecting Rubber O-Rings Hydraulic sealing that affects sealing elements plays a vital role in the integration of hydropneumatics. If the seal of the hydropneumatic component product is not qualified, the hydropneumatic component product is not a good product. There are many layers of factors that affect seals. First of all, pressure is an important factor in determining the quality of seals. The pressure level and the length of the pressure cycle have a large effect on seal damage (eg extrusion). The greater the pressure, the greater the impact of other factors on seal performance, such as temperature, speed, seal material, piston-to-cylinder clearance, and piston-to-cylinder head clearance. The other is temperature and friction. It is difficult to describe the maximum application temperature and minimum application temperature of a sealing material, because it is the result of a combination of factors. Different choices should be made for different piston and hydraulic cylinder operating temperatures. Another reason is the appearance roughness, surface characteristics, pressure, material, temperature, seal material, seal type and movement speed of the seal commodity, which are all factors that affect the seal. The last one is the surface treatment. Experience has shown that the characteristics of the cylinder piston and hydraulic cylinder surfaces have a large impact on the service life of the seal. Surface features are commonly defined values ​​of RA, which is the arithmetic mean of the absolute value of the surface shape off-axis. However, some values ​​do not fully show the effect of surface conditions on the seal, as different surface shape features can cause some damage to the seal even at the same roughness. Specifications for incoming inspection of sealing ring Check whether the model, material, color and quantity indicated on the outer packaging of the sealing ring are consistent with the quantity listed on the delivery note. Check whether the model, material and color indicated on the sealing ring and the outer packaging are consistent. Use the electronic balance core to check the total number of sealing rings of each package in the form of weighing. If there are any deficiencies, notify the purchasing department to solve the problem after counting the number, and enter the warehouse according to the actual number. Whether the size of the sealing ring is the size of the sealing ring (tolerance range + 0.1cm), each sampling quantity: 500~1005%. 1000~5000 pieces 3%. 5000~10000 pieces 2%. Inspect each sealing ring for burrs, burrs, and damage in an estimated form (number of inspections: full inspection).
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