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Environmental protection of silicone sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-29
Due to its environmental protection and wide application temperature, the environmentally friendly silicone sealing ring of silicone sealing ring can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -60 degrees to +200 degrees, so it is more and more widely used, such as lunch boxes, cups, rice cookers, drinking water Machine. Insulation box. Insulation box. Oven. Waterproof sealing of daily necessities such as coffee pot. Silicone sealing ring manufacturers have a lot of in-depth interpretation! Silicone sealing ring has a good general rubber seals for -20 ℃—30°C, silicone sealing ring is -50°C—60 ℃ still has strong elasticity, and some special low temperature resistant silica gel can also withstand lower temperature. Silicone is favored for its environmentally friendly properties and is widely used in the manufacture of various seals. It has high wear resistance, and has automatic elastic compensation function on the damaged part of the surface of the working seal ring, thereby improving the service life of the seal. It has good self-lubricating properties, so it can be safely used in some seals that cannot be lubricated. Since its structure is simpler than other types of seals, the installation is simple and convenient. Modern home life, all kinds of household appliances. There are silicone sealing rings in daily necessities, such as: fresh-keeping box. Compared with ordinary rubber seals, silicone sealing ring has good temperature resistance. After the test, it can reach 150℃ in a high temperature environment, the characteristics will almost never change, and it can be used continuously for 10,000 hours in the environment at 200℃. Therefore, it is widely used in the high temperature environment requirements of electrical equipment.
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