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EPDM EPDM and NBR NBR foam sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-27
Common foam sealing strip material generally have EPDM, nitrile rubber seals, silicone material, it has already been to introduce had the characteristics of the silicone foam sealing strip, sealing today took everybody understand EPDM EPDM and NBR NBR foaming characteristics of the sealing strip. 1, EPDM EPDM foam sealing strip: EPDM foam sealing strip of the good weather resistance, acid-proof alkaline, high and low temperature resistant performance is good, its general use temperature was minus 50 ~ 155 ℃, and polarity of oil resistance and chemical reagent, etc. General EPDM EPDM foam sealing strip has two types of solid and hollow, often used for heat insulation, shock absorption, sound absorption and seal, used in automobiles, air conditioning, electronics, acoustics, etc. 2, NBR NBR foam sealing strip: NBR foam sealing strip material light weight, texture soft, low water absorbability and good erosion resistance, weather resistance, thermal insulation and flame retardant products have two structures of opening and closing hole. Obturator materials used for air conditioning and heat insulation, buffer of mechanical product, insulation, sealing tape, etc. ; Opening materials mainly used as the sound-absorbing material, damping materials, waterproof materials, etc. Decides the performance of foam seal the choice of materials, therefore, when choosing the material need to give full consideration to the operating conditions in combination with the performance of the material to choose the appropriate material know more about the performance of the rubber seals material, welcome advice, professional manufacturer of sealing ring for 17 years you tailor suitable seal:.
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