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Epdm epdm rubber sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-28
Epdm epdm rubber sealing strip is mainly used for car doors and Windows sealing strip, started in recent years used for building doors and Windows sealing strip. Its outstanding advantage is: 1. Performance and service life with epdm epdm rubber sealing strip. 2. Processing energy consumption relative to the vulcanized epdm gaskets low ( With PVC) 。 3. Do not contain halogen and heavy metals such as lead, and recycled after some years, in line with the requirements of green building materials. 4. The proportion of small, Only 0. 9 - 0. 95). Out of the window rate is high. Look purchase price is high, the actual use of low cost. Production characteristics of 1) Unit weight is light, adjustable intensity big, not bibulous, Replace the traditional three oil four felt, asphalt material such as fir wood board) 。 Product environmental protection, construction is simple, proof, leakproof, water effectively. 2) Corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to high and low temperature 80 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃ not flowing, not deformation, not brittle, long service life. 5. Independent opening bubble structure, special type. Joint plate appearance for honeycomb holes evenly distributed, without a hair can be closely with cement/sealant adhesion, changes to adapt to the natural expansion shrinkage, enhance joint seal effect of expansive water stop. Above is epdm epdm rubber seals sealing strip five-point advantage, its performance is outstanding, so will be widely used in various industry. If you need a custom rubber seals seal products: oil seal, o-rings, seals, and other rubber products, please find us
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