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by:ORK      2020-07-22
Epdm epdm rubber sealing strip because of its ozone resistance, weather resistance, high temperature, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and so on many properties, excellent comprehensive performance, wide application, is one of the most common rubber seals sealing strip. If the epdm epdm rubber sealing strip according to the classification in the form of sulfide has the following two kinds: 1, the method of continuous vulcanization ( Will squeeze out of EPDM rubber sealing strip in a certain length after cutting into the vulcanizing tank sulfide, i. e. , the extrusion molding semi-finished products into the model of vulcanization of EPDM rubber) 2, continuous vulcanization method ( Microwave continuous vulcanization method, the salt bath continuous vulcanization method, the hot air continuous vulcanization method) 一个。 Microwave continuous vulcanized epdm epdm rubber sealing strip: microwave vulcanization technology is a foreign energy crisis in the 1970 s after the application and production technology spread widely. With microwave continuous vulcanization technology in such aspects as energy saving, improve the work efficiency has the advantages of high. Epdm rubber sealing strip is the characteristics of microwave heating heat produced in the heated epdm rubber sealing strip directly, rather than like a regular input from outside, this not only fast heating, and uniform distribution, to improve product quality and shorten the heating time. B。 Salt bath continuous vulcanized epdm epdm rubber sealing strip: salt bath vulcanization systems containing nitrite salt bath, the environmental pollution is bigger, has gradually become obsolete. C。 Hot air vulcanized epdm epdm rubber sealing strip, hot air vulcanization now has developed into strong winds sulfide type, namely using high temperature vulcanization, high-speed hot air, also can achieve the role of flame pretreatment, and greatly improve the safety. Seal since establishing strict enforcement of ISO/TS16949 quality management system, equipped with professional formula engineer physicochemical property optimization, 18 years of professional to provide one-stop solution for rubber sealing strip problem! ( About the rubber sealing strip sealing solution hotline:)
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