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EPDM EPDM seals used in the car have what advantage?

by:ORK      2020-07-22
The development of automobile industry in recent years more and more quickly, as the demand of the rubber auto parts is also growing, and EPDM EPDM rubber seals auto parts is the material of use morer, then take you to understand EPDM EPDM seal advantage when used in the car. Article 1, EPDM EPDM seal has a significant advantage is good aging resistance, weather resistance and ultraviolet resistance. Because the car needs often exposed to outdoor environment, is the sun direct illuminate, so you need a good climate resistance, aging resistance, and uv resistance of the material, so the EPDM EPDM sealing strip is a good choice. Article 2, EPDM EPDM seal also has good air tightness, which is widely used in the field of car doors and Windows and antenna waterproof seal, also has the very good sealing and shock absorption effect. Article 3, EPDM EPDM seal molding process maturity is diversiform, can according to customer demand design, using different processing technology can not only do extrusion, foaming sealing strip and so on, also could be used to make all kinds of structure of sealing products, therefore is also one of the reasons for its wide application. EPDM EPDM seal not only widely used in the automotive industry, other outdoor seal is common. Focus to 18 years in rubber products, rubber products factory is a large-scale, used for major vehicle manufacturers to provide high quality rubber products, from product design to the finished product one-stop service, if you have more questions, welcome to consult.
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