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by:ORK      2020-07-22
What is the article of EPDM foam? EPDM foam article refers to the use of some features of materials through processing the internal porosity of a sealing strip. Then what is the performance of it? In order to solve this problem, here small make up is simply describe for everyone. EPDM foam article by microwave vulcanization process molding, the surface is bright and clean and beautiful, no lines. Has the good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, ageing resistance performance. Flame retardant performance, low smoke low toxic; Product performance is stable, high dimensional accuracy. EPDM insulating foam article stays low thermal conductivity, superior heat preservation; Portable light, strong toughness and has strong toughness; Buffer excellent impact resistance, can be used as a buffer material; The independent air bubble structure, water imbibition low water imbibition etc. Characteristics. Article EPDM foaming with strong tensile and tear resistance performance, temperature 10 ℃ - in - Use between 150 ℃ after the number of millions of music scratch will not burst, EPDM foam article as automotive sealing strip, the main performance requirements is sealing and good elasticity, weather resistance and aging resistance to fatigue performance. Above article is EPDM foaming performance of the introduction, the hope can help you to understand it. Like to learn more about EPDM foam article knowledge, rubber manufacturers welcome to consultation. Seal products focus on production seals, sealing ring, rubber seal, o-rings, foam tape, filter sealing ring, oil seal and other kinds of rubber seal products, 19 years professional experience in technology, can customize the suitable products according to customer demand for the customer, want to know more rubber seals products advisory url: / phone:
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