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Epdm foam sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-27
Epdm foam sealing strip is a new type of material, the material's resistance to high temperature and low temperature effect is very good, all the products can be used in many fields, here small make up take you to the specific understanding of the foam sealing strip use what are, by understanding I believe you can find the advantages of this product. First, the packing material of epdm foam sealing strip in some precision machinery or furniture, and the article such as glass used for transport, can be used as buffer material, because of the impact resistant ability of this product is very good. Second, civil and construction USES the product on the civil and construction can be used as a caulking materials and seal materials, and packing material, because this kind of product can be meet these conditions. As a result of the product is very light in weight, and the effect is good, so in the process of use will also brings to the construction is convenient, the third, on the vehicle and vessel will use this product as the sealing material and the hood of a cushion, seal and various kinds of pipe material and shockproof. Epdm foam sealing strip the insulation and heat preservation effect is very good, but also has the very good sound insulation and moisture proof effect, so it can be in the air conditioner as a sealing material and residential insulation insulation materials, and appliances use waterproof materials, but also can ensure the effect of use. If you need a custom rubber seal products: oil seal, o-rings, miscellaneous pieces, and other rubber seals products, please find us
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