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Epdm foam sealing strip of five major parsing performance

by:ORK      2020-07-22
EPDM EPDM foam sealing strip has the stable chemical properties, excellent electrical insulating performance and aging resistance, weather resistance, waterproof performance, etc. , are widely used in all kinds of buildings and refrigeration, air conditioning, and other industries, the following will take you to understand the EPDM foam sealing strip five big performance. 1, the ozone resistance: epdm is known as & quot; No crack rubber & quot; In the general rubber seals good ozone resistance. 2, ageing resistance, can be use for a long time under 130 ℃, 150 ℃ or higher temperature interval or short-term use. 3, weather resistance: refers to the natural environment of light, heat, cold, wind, rain, comprehensive factors of aging ozone, oxygen in the atmosphere. 4, chemical resistance, as a result of the epdm foam sealing strip itself chemical stability and nonpolar, so do not react with most chemicals, not miscibility between polar material or intermiscibility is small five, resistance to water, overheating and steam resistance: water is strongly polar substances, epdm foam sealing strip with & other; Hydrophobic & throughout; , between the two is not easy to produce chemical action, so it has good resistance to water and water vapor resistance, resistant to overheating. Same kind of different material formula, performance will also have some differences, so when the choice to choose the right material, not only need according to the condition of different using different formula, professional manufacturer of sealing strip seal of 18 years, professional custom fit for the customer the sealers, welcome consultation:.
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