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extremely stretchable and self-healing conductor based on thermoplastic elastomer for all-three-dimensional printed triboelectric nanogenerator

by:ORK      2020-03-20
Progress in the next step
The manufacture of soft electronic devices relies on the development of highly deformed, repaired and printable energy generators to power these electronic devices.
The development of a deformed or wearable energy generator that can be extended at the same time is still a daunting challenge.
We solved this problem by developing a highly conductive, highly stretched and healthy composite based on liquid metal and silver sheet as a tensile conductor of a friction electric nano generator.
Rubber is used both as a matrix of conductors and as a friction layer.
The tensile capacity of the nano generator is 2500%, which restores energy
Due to the ultra-molecular hydrogen bond of thermoplastic elastomer, the performance is obtained after extreme mechanical damage.
The initial conductivity of thermoplastic elastic materials, liquid metal particles and silver sheet composites was 6250ss cmcm-1 and 96 were recovered.
0% of its conductivity after healing.
The rapid growth of soft electronic devices has driven the demand for highly deformed electronic devices, including transistors, sensors,
Storage and lighting
LEDs (LEDs).
Progress and practical application of these software
Electronic devices drive these devices by achieving a mechanically durable, stretchable and healthy power supply.
In a variety of energy harvesters, triboelectric nano generators (TENGs)
According to Mr. Wang and his colleagues, this has become a promising self-power source.
Power equipment because they are able to get energy from environmental mechanical movements, such as human movements, which makes them suitable for wearable and soft devices
Electronic equipment.
In addition, Tencent is characterized by high output voltage, high power density, high energy
High conversion efficiency, friendly environment and low manufacturing cost.
Extensive efforts have been made to manufacture deformed and healthy TENGs by adopting various methods.
For example, a structural design like snake pattern
Patterned electrodes, interlocking kirigami and three-dimensional (3D)
Network structure has been developed;
However, the tensile capacity obtained through these methods was limited to 22%, 100% and 310%, respectively.
Embedded conductive filler (Like Silver (Ag)
Nano Wire, silver sheet, silver nano fiber, carbon nano tube, carbon grease, carbon black and liquid metal)
In a stretch matrix (
Such as polydione (PDMS)
And silicone rubber)
Can significantly improve the tensile capacity.
However, the stretchability is limited to 700% due to the elastic limit of the elastic matrix.
1000% of high scalability can be obtained using ion conductors, such as gels;
However, due to the long-
Long-term instability and low mechanical toughness.
Despite these efforts, the maximum stretch capacity of TENGs is limited to about 1000%.
In addition, most of the stretchable friction electric layers are based on commercial rubber such as silicone rubber, silicone rubber and VHB tape.
Therefore, it is necessary to develop friction materials and conductors with excellent scalability and mechanical properties.
Some attempts have been made to create a healthy Tencent from the self
Healing glass rubber, dynamic amine bond and polyurethane with silicone rubber-
Shape memory polymer based.
However, the extensibility of these selves
The treatment of nano-generators is not satisfactory.
At the same time, to achieve extreme stretching (
Harvest performance)
And healability (
Fully restore its performance after mechanical damage)
It is still a difficult challenge.
In order to achieve a deformed and mechanically durable nano-generator, the interface compatibility of the triboelectric layer and conductor is one of the key challenges.
Due to the mismatch of Young\'s modulus, cyclic stretching leads to two layers of stratification, resulting in a decrease in performance.
Here we solve this problem by developing a stretchable and healthy TENG (SH-TENG)
High scalability and good healing by using pull-up and healing polyurethane acrylic (PUA)
Rubber as a friction layer and a polymer matrix as a conductor (
Composed of liquid metal, silver sheet and PUA).
Extreme tensile properties can be attributed to the hypermolecular hydrogen bond of the PUA matrix, which is used both as a friction layer and as a collector matrix.
Dynamic multi-price H-
The bonding of the designed Super-molecular PUA is reversible decomposed and reformed to support the tensile and health required.
The liquid metal and silver sheet are embedded in the PUA matrix as a conductive filler in which the liquid metal provides an electrical connection between the silver sheets to maintain conductivity during extreme stretching.
As far as we know, the tensile properties obtained were 2500% highest compared to other reported stretchable TENGs.
Nano-generators maintain their energy
Harvest performance after extreme deformation and severe mechanical damage.
As far as we know, this is a full-3D-
Yin Teng, and the kind with the highest tensile properties.
By using the energy harvester to power the led, the practical applicability of the energy harvester is proved.
Generated SH-
Teng has a record.
High scalability and 3D PrintAbility, thus pushing the boundaries of a demorphable energy harvester.
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