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Features of Fluorocarbon O-rings

by:ORK      2022-11-03
The characteristics of fluorine rubber seals O-rings Fluorine rubber O-rings are one of the common O ring manufactures at present, and are widely used because of their excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. How much high temperature can the fluorine rubber O-ring withstand? How about the hardness and pressure resistance? Heat resistance: -25~280℃. Some special perfluoroplastics can be used at 300°C Hardness: 50-85 degrees, general hardness is 70 degrees Tone: can be prepared, generally black fluoroplastic O sealing ring is more common Pressure: 10-20Mpa Sealing ring application field: suitable for various High precision, heat resistance, super wear resistance, strict standard working environment, such as vehicles, electronics, aerospace, ships, metallurgy, machinery, etc. Applicable materials: fuel oil, gear oil, organic solution, concentrated acid, strong bismuth, lubricating grease, fuel gasoline gear oil, synthetic oil, etc.; Inapplicable substances: brake fluid, ketones, low-molecular-weight greases and nitrite-containing mixtures; The main features of fluorine rubber seals are heat resistance and solvent corrosion resistance, good aging resistance and ozone resistance, and low permeability. It has particularly good abrasion resistance even under very extreme working conditions. Fluorine rubber seals can withstand the working temperature of +200 degrees or below and can also run without oil in a short time
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