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Features of fluororubber O-rings

by:ORK      2022-11-05
Characteristics of fluororubber O ring manufactures Fluorine rubber O-rings are one of the more common O ring manufactures at present, and are widely used due to their excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. How much high temperature can the fluororubber O-ring withstand? .How about the pressure resistance? Heat resistance: -25~280℃. Some special perfluoroplastics can be used at 300°C Hardness: 50-85 degrees, general hardness is 70 degrees Tone: ready. Generally speaking, black is the common fluorine rubber O-ring. Pressure: 10-20Mpa Application field: suitable for all kinds of important vehicles, electronics, aerospace, ship. Metallurgy. Under the strict working environment, machinery and other regulations have high precision, heat resistance, super wear resistance. Applicable materials: fuel oil. Gear oil. Organic solution. Concentrated acid. Strong bismuth wetting agent. Grease. Fuel gear oil. Synthetic oil, etc. A mixture of nitrates; Fluorine rubber seals is mainly characterized by heat resistance and solvent corrosion resistance, good anti-aging and anti-ozone properties, and low permeability. It has particularly good abrasion resistance even under very extreme working conditions. Fluorine rubber can withstand + operating temperature of 200 degrees or below under oil-free conditions for a short period of time can also be allowed to operate.
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