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Features of fluororubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-11-04
The characteristics of fluororubber sealing ring The fluoroelastomer material (fluororubber sealing ring) is a polymer of methacrylate chloride and hexafluorope. According to its molecular formula and fluorine composition, the chemical resistance and low temperature resistance of fluoroelastomer materials are also different. It is known for its active oxygen, weather resistance, air oxidation resistance, mineral oil resistance, light fuel oil resistance, gear oil resistance, aromatic resistance and many organic solutions and chemicals. Regarding the generic trademark logo, the best application temperature under packing seal is limited to about -26°C (-15°F) to 282°C (450°F), although it can still be applied at a temperature of 295°C for a short time, but the temperature exceeds 282°C , its service life will be reduced. The most suitable temperature for application under dynamic seal is -15°C to 280°C. Ultra-low temperature can reach -40°C. Fluoroelastomer materials are generally used in the automotive industry, organic chemical manufacturing, aerospace because of their good flame retardant grade, sealing, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water washing resistance, flame retardancy, solvent resistance and weather resistance. with a lot of heavy lifting. It is worth mentioning that fluoroelastomer material seals can only be used under high vacuum standards, below 1.33*10-7pa, and other plastics cannot be used for sealing. Excellent domestic and foreign manufacturers are used to produce products. For example, Midea's commodity sealing ring is the application of this type of material. Silicone rubber sealing ring: both heat-resistant (maximum 300°C) and low-temperature resistance (-100°C), it is the best low-temperature and high-temperature resistant rubber seals; at the same time, it has excellent electrical insulation performance and is very stable to causticization and active oxygen. High, organic chemical plasticity is very large. The disadvantage is that the rigid compressive strength is low, the solvent resistance, water resistance and acid and alkali resistance are poor.
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