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Features of O-type silicone seal

by:ORK      2022-11-20
Features of O-type silicone seal Advantages. O rubber seals sealing ring customization has the following characteristics: 1. O application shape silicone rubber sealing ring. O-shaped silicone rubber seals sealing ring (hereinafter referred to as O-ring) is used for repeated movements in hydraulic transmission components. Sealing rotary motion and spiral motion. Fixed and flanged seals are available for bore and diameter seals. 2. Working pressure: 0~32MPa, temperature: -35~+200℃, working material: general mineral oil, grease, shrink water and air. 3. Compared with the lip seal, the O-ring of the hydraulic system has a poor service life; the mechanical parts of the sealing device should have excellent precision; when in use, if the standing time is too long, the starting resistance will increase; in addition, when the speed is very slow, it will cause“crawl”The operating speed is 0.005~0.3m/s. 4. Hydraulic system O-rings are suitable for action seals and rotary seals, but O ring manufactures have large frictional resistance and short application periods. 5. Electric slip ring combined O-shaped (or rectangular) sealing ring (“Omega”shape), which can improve the shortcomings of the above O-ring seals, but the installation is inconvenient. The sealing device can be applied at a rate of 1 m/s and has a longer service life than O ring manufactures. In this combination ring, the service life of the rectangular ring is longer than that of the O-ring, and the sealing performance is better. 6. Compared with other hydraulic sealing rings, it has the following main advantages. a Good airtightness and long service life. b The dosage is small, and a single ring can seal 2 directions. c Dynamic friction resistance is small. d. Good adaptability to oil, temperature and pressure. e is small in size, light in weight and low in cost. f. The structure of the sealing position is simple, the space is small, and the disassembly is convenient.
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