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Features of silicone rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-14
Features of silicone rubber sealing ring What is a sealing ring? To put it bluntly, it has a sealing effect. Our silicone rubber sealing ring has been strictly controlled by relevant departments and professionals during the production and testing process. method. 1. Silicone rubber sealing ring at ambient temperature In the process of use, various high and low temperatures are the key factors affecting the silicone rubber sealing ring. Although silicone rubber materials can accept a temperature range of -40 to 200 degrees, under the premise of extreme heat, long-term use of silicone rubber seals will accelerate aging. The higher the temperature, the more the deformation tends to be, and the large stress deformation of the silicone rubber material will usually completely lose its working effect around 40%, resulting in seal leakage and other reasons. For use at low temperature, it is recommended to increase the degree of contraction and extension appropriately. Under the premise of low temperature, the application needs to pay attention to the shrinkage and shape deformation of the product. Silicone rubber sealing ring 2. The tensile degree of the silicone rubber sealing ring at the tensile level is one of the main operating capabilities of the silicone rubber sealing ring. Therefore, when manufacturing silicone rubber products, the matching tensile materials and various Therefore, for the requirements of long-term continuous application, high tensile strength silicone rubber materials can be selected for processing and manufacturing to prevent the product from affecting the effect of the product over time, because the long-term operation of silicone rubber exceeds the tensile strength range. The condition of the product tends to relax the product and lose the tension, so reduce the work intervention stretch under sufficient conditions, which is a major factor affecting the shape change of the silicone rubber material during long-term use, so reducing the working pressure is an excellent method. 3. Select the material of the silicone rubber seal In addition, high-quality materials are the role of the commodity. The greater the tensile strength and hardness of the product, the better the product quality.
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