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Filling agent for rubber sealing ring cold resistance

by:ORK      2020-07-24
The front and introduce the cold resistance of rubber sealing ring, rubber seals sealing ring of cold resistance generally related to its material, filler is have effect on its cold resistance? 1, filling agent for rubber seals sealing ring of the influence of cold resistance, depends on the interaction between filler and rubber after the formation of the structure. Improve the gel content, reducing the amount of filler, the addition of filling agent will hinder the segment configuration changes, increase packing rigidity, so you can't expect to join filler to improve cold resistance of the rubber sealing ring. 2, besides reasonable selection of softening plasticizing system is an effective measure to improve the cold resistance of rubber sealing ring, join plasticizer, can make the rubber glass transition temperature decreased. Poor cold tolerance of nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber polarity, mainly by adding proper plasticizer to improve its cold resistant performance. Because can increase molecular flexible rubber plasticizer, lower molecular inter-atomic forces, the molecular chain segments to sports, should choose its polarity polarity rubber so close, close to the solubility parameters of plasticizer. Soften the plasticizer type and dosage of cold resistance of the rubber sealing ring is very important. Cold resistance of different materials, such as product needs in the case of low temperature for a long time to use, you will need to choose better cold resistance of rubber materials, such as silica gel or other special rubber seals etc. If you have more material question, consultation:, sealed 18 years professional manufacturer of rubber sealing ring.
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