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by:ORK      2022-11-28
Ring-type rubber seal is one of the most widely used products in seal products, and its sealing performance is still good, but sometimes it is obvious that it is not used for a long time, but the phenomenon of sealing leakage occurs. Ring-type rubber seal The five major reasons for seal leakage of parts Ring-type rubber seal is one of the most widely used products in seal products, and its sealing performance is still good, but sometimes it is obviously not used for a long time, but the seal appears The phenomenon of leakage is generally caused by five reasons. Today we will explain it to you in detail. 1. The groove size of the ring-mounted rubber seal is out of tolerance, especially when the depth is too large, the compression deformation of the imported O-ring after installation is insufficient and the sealing ability is affected. Generally, the compression deformation of ring-type rubber seals after installation should be between 18% and 22%. 2. The nominal size of the ring-type rubber seals seal is too different from the actual installation size, and the O-ring is formed to work under the condition that the section size is reduced after stretching, resulting in insufficient compression deformation and leakage. 3. When the sealing ring is installed, the ring-shaped rubber seals seal is scratched and leaks due to the lack of smooth chamfering or rounding at the entrance of the sealing surface. 4. The material of the ring type rubber seal is not suitable for the sealing medium and will fail after being eroded. 5. The ring-shaped rubber seal will age and deteriorate after being used for too long, and the elasticity will decrease and then fail. Therefore, the ring-shaped ring is generally replaced when the equipment is overhauled. The above are the five reasons for the seal leakage of ring-type rubber seals seals. From the above description, we can see that the problem is nothing more than two reasons. One is that the product itself has defects when it leaves the factory, and the second is that the installation is not standardized. Hope the above description can bring you some help.
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