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Fluorine rubber O-ring application range

by:ORK      2022-11-04
Fluorine rubber O-ring application scope fluorine rubber seals sealing ring - features introduction Fluoroelastomer material is a polymer of methacrylate chloride and hexafluorope. According to its molecular formula and fluorine composition, the acid resistance and low temperature resistance of fluoroelastomer materials are also different. It is known for its resistance to oxygen, weather, air oxidation, mineral oils, light fuel oils, gear oils, aromatics and many organic solutions and chemicals. For general-purpose models, the application temperature under the packing seal is limited to about -26°C (-15°F) to 282°C (450°F), although it can still be used at a temperature of 295°C for a short time, but when the temperature exceeds 282°C , its useful life will be reduced. The suitable temperature for application under dynamic seal is -15°C to 280°C. Ultra-low temperature can reach -40°C. Fluorine rubber sealing ring-characteristics (1) Rich in elasticity and resilience; (2) Moderate impact toughness, including expanded compressive strength, elongation and wear resistance and compressive strength. (3) The performance is stable, it is not easy to solubilize in the material, and the effect of heat shrinkable film (Joule effect) is small. (4) It is easy to manufacture and form, and can maintain high-precision specifications. (5) It does not corrode the contact area and does not pollute the environment. Fluorine rubber sealing ring - advantages 1. The sealing ring should have good sealing characteristics within the working pressure and a certain temperature range, and can improve the sealing characteristics by itself with the increase of pressure. 2. The sliding friction between the sealing ring equipment and the operating parts should be small, and the frictional resistance should be stable. 3. The sealing ring has strong corrosion resistance, is not easy to age, has a long service life during work, and has good wear resistance. After damage, it can automatically compensate to a certain extent. 4. The structure is simple, the application and maintenance are convenient, and the advantages of the fluorine rubber sealing ring make the sealing ring have a longer service life. ◆Material according to FDA standard of food grade stainless steel ◆Good sealing performance, compression deformation range of 5%-30% ◆Heat resistance, temperature range -60℃-300℃ ◆Anti-aging, service life 5-10 years ◆Recommended raw material: HNBR , FPM, EPDM, SIL, (CR, NBR are not recommended for application) What are the application areas of O ring manufactures? The O-ring is suitable for being installed on various industrial equipment, and it can float the sealing effect in the static or moving state in the standard temperature, pressure, and different liquid and air media. In CNC lathes, ships, vehicles, aerospace machinery and equipment, metallurgical equipment, chemical machinery and equipment, construction machinery and equipment, construction machinery, mining equipment, petroleum equipment, plastic machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery, and various instrumentation equipment, many Different types of sealing components are used. O-rings are mainly used for packing sealing and linear motion sealing. When used for rotary motion sealing, only low gear rotary sealing device. The O-ring is generally assembled in a pipe groove with a rectangular cross-section on the outer circle or inner hole to play a sealing function. The O-ring seal still has good sealing and shock absorption effect in the environment of acid and alkali resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, grinding, chemical corrosion and other environments. Therefore, the O-ring is the most common seal used in hydraulic presses and pneumatic transmission systems.
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