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Fluorine rubber o-rings

by:ORK      2020-07-12
Fluorine rubber o-rings is a common seal, in the process of design and selection, there are three of the most important matters: first: groove size: o-rings installed in the groove, in order to be able to play the best sealing effect, we should set up an initial amount of preloaded. In the process of groove design should consider static seal and dynamic seal. The section size of fluorine rubber o-rings proportional to the height of the groove. If the groove is too wide or too narrow, at the time of installation will appear stretched and tightening the size is too big, so shear force or appear easily in the process of using the surplus quantity is not enough and cause the damage of the seal and leak. The second: the work environment and this includes temperature, medium, and the frequency and so on. Fluorine rubber seals working temperature at 250 ℃ or so, in the work under the temperature of work should be fully considered. Fluorine rubber seals o-rings medium more extensive, inorganic salt, water, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, lithium base grease, etc. , if using binary fluorine rubber must adopt secondary sulfide. Frequency refers to seal speed reciprocating and rotating speed, etc. , as a result of the fluorine rubber has good abrasion resistance, so most of the work environment can meet the requirements. Third: work form according to the work can be divided into static seal and dynamic seal. If the cylinder form of work can be divided into: hole with seal, shaft seal and rotating seal; About the hole with a seal, should make its inner diameter equal to or slightly less than the diameter of the groove. Device for axial pressure to thinking direction. According to the installation methods and can be divided into device of radial and axial. Device for radial on shaft seal, o-rings should be brought inside and sealed between the diameter error as small as possible. If you need custom seals, 24 h online service hotline: can call, 18 years experience in custom satisfactory seal for you
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