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Fluorine rubber o-rings

by:ORK      2020-07-12
Fluorine rubber o-rings, o-type sealing due to main chain for half inorganic organic silicon structure, it is in keeping the organic silicon materials heat resistance, cold resistance, high voltage resistance, weathering resistance, etc, on the basis of the excellent performance, due to the introduction of the fluoride group, it has organic fluorine material excellent resistance to hydrogen type of solvent, oil resistant, acid-proof alkaline and lower surface energy performance. Fluorine rubber o-rings o-ring seal can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, automobile, electric power, electronic appliances, textile, machinery and buildings, and other fields, the silicone material can't meet the high temperature solvent resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to acid rain, self-cleaning occasions such as sealing, coating, packing and impregnation. Temperature range: - 60℃~177℃。 In the dry environment, the high temperature can reach 232 ℃. Scope: hardness shaw A45 degrees to 80 degrees. If you need a custom rubber parts, oil seal, o-rings, seals, and other rubber seals products, please find us
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