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Fluorine rubber o-rings

by:ORK      2020-07-12
Same with the general sealing machinery and equipment, import the use of fluorine rubber o-rings must be in accordance with the provisions of the appropriate instructions to carry out the Cao Zu, especially in is in the application of energy-saving fluorine rubber seals o-rings, must even more pay attention to some key problems in simple installation process. Fluorine rubber o-rings can be convenient used in cars, in the water conservancy engineering and engineering construction machinery and equipment manufacturing, not only has the characteristics of safety production, the making standard generalized also promoted the fluorine rubber o-rings app store expansion, making techniques, the cost of raw material, also got very good control. Applied imported fluorine rubber o-rings you must pay attention to the level of the key by the following contents: 1, when installation should maintain a clean installation of the natural environment, especially in is to avoid the dust into the installation position, if have hard plastic particles into, very will be in operation in the whole process of fluorine rubber o-rings surface cause serious damage, which could reduce the general merchandise, the destruction of surface materials will also improve internal fuel such as chemical etching effect, after the use of a period of time will lead to greater damage. 2, before installation to the surface layer of fluorine rubber o-rings clean-up, in addition to the installation position, especially in the surface layer is touch to develop completely clean, do a want to ascend in the middle of the fluorine rubber o-rings and sealing components surface, has a more stable sealing effect, another is to the surface layer of machinery and equipment to carry out the inspection, if have the condition of small aperture and not leveling can be processed in a timely manner to make maintenance. Usually conditions can only be under both the condition of the surface is bright and clean, fluorine rubber o-rings can be outdone the sealing effect, also have a longer lifespan, otherwise very easy to damage. In installation import import in the whole process of fluorine rubber o-rings, the key part of the sound solution not only can make the sealing effect of fluorine rubber o-rings for thoroughly into full play, and also the oil flow could increase the goods, prevent the occurrence of unexpected serious damage condition. This whole process especially in the standard maintenance, should pay attention to the work surface is bright and clean and clean is the most basic requirement. If you need a custom rubber parts, oil seal, o-rings, seals, and other rubber seals products, please find us
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