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Fluorine rubber type O sealing ring can be used under what conditions?

by:ORK      2020-07-13
Fluorine rubber type O sealing ring is known to all, high temperature resistant, oil resistant is one of the better performance of rubber material, the price is relatively high, the fluorine rubber seals type O sealing ring can be used under what conditions? To tell you. 1, fluorine rubber type O sealing ring seal products, widely used in automotive, aircraft engine seal, can be used under 250 ℃, and suitable for the engine power output bearing sealing, can also be used in engine valve stem seal, seal, clutch cylinder seal and seal air filter, fuel pump and fuel hose lining rubber sealing etc. 2, fluorine rubber seals can be used under the condition of high altitude, 1. 33 x10 - Below 7 pa, other rubber cannot be used for sealing, thus, fluorine rubber has been widely used in aerospace field. 3, fluorine rubber seals seal type O sealing ring can be used for inorganic acid medium, 67% sulfuric acid under 140 ℃, 70 ℃ under concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid of 30% under 90 ℃ can use for a long time, in the special formula of fluorine rubber, can also be used for aqua regia in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, can be used for silicon tetrachloride, gallium arsenide and phosphorus oxychloride in the medium of under 275 ℃. Fluorine rubber sort is more, for each category fluoride is different, so the working condition of use of fluorine rubber type O sealing ring also have differences. When choosing sealing ring material also need to inform the seal condition of factory. Sealed 17 years of professional rubber products manufacturer, has a group of professional technicians, professional custom fit for the customer the sealing ring, if you want to learn more working condition of rubber material, welcome consultation:.
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