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Fluoroelastomer O-rings are prepolymers of vinyl chloride and hexafluoropropylene

by:ORK      2022-10-15
Fluoroelastomer O-rings are prepolymers of vinyl chloride and hexafluoropropylene, which entered the market in the mid to late 1950s. According to its molecular formula and fluorine composition, the acid resistance and cold resistance of fluorine rubber are also different. Fluorine rubber is famous for its flame retardant grade (pure natural nature), high-quality sealing, active oxygen resistance, aging resistance and excellent aging resistance. Temperature operating scale: Packing seal: -26°C to 232°C, reaching 275°C in a short period of time Dynamic sealing: -15°C to 200°C Strength operating scale: Shore A50°C to 90°C Green, milky white, reddish brown, light yellow, dark blue, colors can also be customized by customers It can also be used for the sealing of the main shaft bearing of the motor power output, and it can also be used for the sealing of the valve seat, the sealing of the cylinder liner, the sealing of the clutch, the sealing of the air filter element, the sealing of the high-pressure oil pump and the inner layer of the rubber hose of gasoline and diesel. Fluorine rubber products are also only applicable under the standard of high vacuum pump. Fluorine rubber can be used for sealing of strong oxidizing substances. 67% hydrochloric acid at 140 °C, dilute hydrochloric acid at 70 °C, and 30% sodium cyanide at 90 °C can be used for a long time. The very secret fluorine rubber can also be used for sulfuric acid. . In the industrial production of semiconductor materials, it can be used in silicon tetrachloride, gallium arsenide, phosphorus oxychloride below 275 ℃.
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