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Fluoroelastomer seals have excellent aging resistance

by:ORK      2022-11-04
Fluorine rubber sealing ring has excellent aging resistance Fluorine rubber has good aging resistance and ozone resistance. After 10 years of natural storage, the properties of the finished fluoropolymer are still quite satisfactory. Fluorine rubber has excellent chemical stability In addition to excellent temperature resistance, another feature of the fluorine rubber sealing ring is that the fluorine rubber material has stable chemical properties. It has better stability than other rubbers such as fuel, gear oil, grease, various diluents, concentrated nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. It has the best chemical resistance of any rubber elastomer available. Fluorine rubber sealing ring has good mechanical properties Fluorine rubber sealing ring is also a material with excellent physical and mechanical properties in rubber elastomers. Good advantages in tear strength and elongation at break. According to the test, the compression deformation rate of the fluororubber sealing ring is very small. Defective fluoroelastomer seals Poor low temperature performance Due to its own chemical structure, fluoroelastomer has poor low temperature performance. Poor radiation resistance The radiation resistance of fluorine rubber seals is a poor elastomer. The cost is very high At present, the cost of fluorine rubber is still relatively high compared to NBR.
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