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Food grade rubber O-ring

by:ORK      2022-10-27
Food-grade rubber O-rings In short, food-grade rubber O ring manufactures are O ring manufactures made of food-grade rubber raw materials, mainly referring to environmental protection performance. The materials are generally nitrile rubber. Silicone. Ternary propylene rubber. Natural rubber. It shrinks and consists of silica. Its content exceeds 98%, it is non-toxic and tasteless, its chemical properties are stable, and it does not reflect any acid-base salts. Because it is a colloidal structure, it has a large number of micropores and a larger specific surface. The porosity of edible silica gel is about 8 to 10 nm, the specific surface area is 300-500 square meters/g, and it has strong water absorption to surface water, and can reach a body weight of 8 to 10 or more under high humidity conditions. Therefore, food-grade silica gel can be used as a moisture-proof agent for food and external use. Food grade silica gel is a refined non-toxic commodity. It can be directly mixed with food to ensure that the food is dry and eaten together with food, and there is no side effect on the human body. The key features of food-grade rubber seals O-rings are: 1. Non-toxic, no odor, high environmental protection level; 2. Soft, good elasticity, kink resistance and no deformation; 3. No cracking, strong and durable, cold and heat resistant; 4. It has high tear strength and superior electrical properties; 5. It will not yellow, frost, white, or fade when placed at room temperature, and it will not be scaled or odorless when placed in water for a long time. Food-grade rubber seals O-ring is suitable for Scope: 1. Equipment connection pipes, hoses, etc.; 2. Baby bottle straws, hoses, etc.; 3. Bread machine. Disinfection cabinet. Water dispenser. Kettle. Iron. Products, such as gas appliances, machinery, etc. . Electrical and other fields; 4. Connecting pipes for food machinery; 5. Water dispensers, coffee pots, connecting pipes for children's suction cups, hoses, etc.; 6. Construction. Road transportation. Sealed electronic instruments and parts.
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