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Food grade stainless steel fluorine rubber oil seal roll product mastering strategy

by:ORK      2022-10-18
The food-grade stainless steel fluororubber oil seal looks relatively simple, and is generally fixed on a certain part. But in fact it is a friction body. Its service life is affected by a variety of factors, and it is very easy to embrittle, deform and destroy. Especially the skeleton seal installed on the crankshaft, input shaft and output shaft of the engine has a very high angular velocity, which will definitely cause high temperature and damage to the lip surface of the skeleton seal. The RPM ratio has a proactive hazard on the lip surface. In addition, the surface roughness, preference, radial clearance of the outer surface of the shaft, the combat working pressure of the skeleton sealing lip surface and the middle of the shaft, the type, quality, viscosity, moisture, acid and stains of the grease Wait. All such vaccinations against the sealing lip surface of the skeleton often have different hazards. In any case, the nominal diameter of the food-grade stainless steel fluororubber oil seal is generally lower than the nominal diameter of the motor shaft, and the ratio changes according to the operating process standards (ie, application temperature, rotational speed ratio of components, radial clearance of components, etc.) . ). ◆The food-grade stainless steel fluororubber oil seal has excellent sealing performance, and the deformation range is reduced to 5%-30%. ◆The temperature resistance of the food-grade stainless steel fluororubber oil seal, the temperature range is -60℃-300℃ ◆The food-grade stainless steel fluororubber oil seal Aging resistance, use period of 5-10 years Recommended materials are: esterified nitrile rubber seals, FPM vulcanized rubber seals, EPDM and silicone rubber (neoprene rubber seals, fluorosilicone sealing ring and aging-resistant nitrile rubber are not strongly recommended) .
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