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Four advantages of using recycled rubber for rubber seals_Rubber Seal_Rubber Seal Manufacturer

by:ORK      2022-11-27
The advantage of using recycled rubber in rubber seals seals in terms of hardness is that the hardness of recycled rubber directly affects the sealing performance of recycled rubber seals seals. Four advantages of using recycled rubber for rubber seals 1. The advantages of using recycled rubber for rubber seals in terms of hardness are reflected in: the hardness of recycled rubber directly affects the sealing performance of recycled rubber seals. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the reclaimed rubber, the better the wear resistance and sealing effect of the seal. 2. The rubber seal is permanently deformed by compression after using the reclaimed rubber: the sealing principle of the rubber seal is that the deformation of the compression section generates stress, and the contact surface is deformed. Tightly combined and sealed. It can be said that the seal is always in compression. With the passage of time, the compression pressure of the seal will continue to decrease, which is manifested as compressive stress relaxation; after the pressure is removed, the seal cannot return to its original shape, which is manifested as compression permanent deformation. Whether the sealing performance of the seal can be maintained for a long time depends on the compression performance of the reclaimed rubber. 3. Aging resistance of rubber seals produced by recycled rubber processing: The better the aging resistance of recycled rubber, the longer the service life of the seals, especially in high temperature environments. High temperature will accelerate the aging of seals, so the anti-aging properties of reclaimed rubber are particularly important. 4. In terms of special properties of rubber seals: seals in different environments need to have different special properties. For example, seals that work in oil medium for a long time need to have good oil resistance, and seals used for chemical sealing need to have good oil resistance. It has strong chemical resistance, and outdoor seals need to have good high and low temperature resistance. The selection of recycled rubber raw materials for rubber sealing should be based on the application of appropriate recycled rubber varieties.
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